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The National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families promotes the value of healthy marriage and relationship education skills and encourages their integration into safety-net service systems as a holistic approach to strengthening families.

A service of the Office of Family Assistance, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we offer a variety of tools and resources designed to educate interested stakeholders in the benefits of integrating healthy marriage education into existing social service systems. We also provide a range of training, services and support to interested State, Local and Tribal government agencies as they work to integrate these skills into their existing services in order to best support the families served in their community.

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  • Strengthening Families (Issue 1, November 2012) HTML PDF
  • Holidays, Stress, and Relationships (Issue 2, December 2012) HTML PDF
  • Relationships and Financial Management (Issue 3, January 2013) HTML PDF
  • Personal Connectedness (Issue 4, February 2013) HTML PDF
  • Literacy and Learning (Issue 5, March 2013) HTML PDF
  • Child Abuse Prevention (Issue 6, April 2013) HTML PDF
  • Motherhood and Mental Health (Issue 7, May 2013) HTML PDF
  • Parenting and Relationships (Issue 8, July 2013) HTML PDF
  • Youth and Relationships (Issue 9, August 2013) HTML PDF
  • Serving Diverse Populations (Issue 10, September 2013) HTML PDF
  • Work and Family Relationships (Issue 11, October 2013) HTML PDF
  • Supporting Military Families (Issue 12, November 2013) HTML PDF
  • Supporting Healthy Transitions (Issue 13, December 2013) HTML PDF
  • Maintaining Health and Healthy Relationships (Issue 14, January 2014) HTML PDF
  • Working with African American Individuals, Couples, and Families (Issue 15, February 2014) HTML PDF
  • Financial Literacy and Family Stability (Issue 16, March 2014) HTML PDF
  • Getting to Know Partners Well (Issue 17, April 2014) HTML PDF

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