Child Find

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Child Find Image - Mother and Daughter

Aaron Ivchenko of Child Find has used Integration Institute resources and information to strengthen his agency’s healthy relationship education and initiate and participate in new healthy relationship partnerships and projects. Child Find complements its primary focus -- addressing the crisis after an abduction -- with its Parent Help Program, which focuses on prevention. After attending an Integration Institute, Aaron led Child Find in enhancing the Parent Help Program with additional information about conflict resolution and parenting skills.

Aaron extended Child Find’s commitment to healthy relationship skills by launching a new project to teach these skills to families. He is also working on a new project to strengthen parent-child relationships through effective, non-corporal discipline strategies. Aaron also contributed to a New York domestic violence collaboration, using information from the Resource Center website to help update domestic violence protocols.

Aaron’s original goal was to deliver a presentation about healthy relationship skills at the New England Fatherhood Conference. In addition to accomplishing this goal, he incorporated healthy relationship education into new and existing programs.

In addition to the work that he has done within his own agency, Aaron has shared healthy relationship skills information and resources with key partners. He shared Integration Institute resources with his contacts at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and presented information about healthy relationship skills with colleagues in fatherhood programs.

Child Find assists with finding children who have been abducted by family members. Frequently, there is no custody order, so law enforcement is not involved. Building relationships is crucial in resolving these crises, as well as in preventing abduction in at-risk families.

When working with individuals and families in crisis, there is not always an opportunity to incorporate healthy relationship education. Healthy relationship skills are central to Child Find’s work, but there is not an opportunity to incorporate them when triaging safety-related situations.

Aaron has integrated healthy relationship education into new and existing programs, and has disseminated healthy relationship information and resources to others in the fatherhood and child welfare communities.

The Family Violence Prevention toolkit is particularly relevant to Child Find’s work. Aaron has also used information about domestic violence on the Resource Center website.

Child Find’s partners include the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Stronger Families New York, and domestic violence service providers.