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Effective communication is critical for building and maintaining strong relationships. Communication is not only important in couple relationships, but also in parent-child, community, school and workplace relationships.  Communication is more than just what we say, it’s how we say it and what we don’t say, but convey non-verbally.

Think of communication as sending and receiving information. The goal is to ensure that information is received with the same message, intent and tone as it was sent. Understanding our communication style as it relates to how we send and receive messages is only half the challenge. We also need to understand the styles of those around us to avoid misinterpretation and ensure that we are communicating in a positive and effective way.

Click the FROM OUR LIBRARY  link above to access resources that focus on effective communication; the resources cover topics such as: 1) the importance of communication between family members; 2) communication as the building blocks of relationships; 3) teaching teens how to communicate; 3) effective listening skills; and, 4) other critical communication strategies.

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Core Healthy Marriage and Relationship Skills: Communication is one of four courses in the Core Healthy Marriage and Relationship Skills series. This series uses an “inside-out” approach by: helping you to better understand healthy communication at a personal level; and, equipping you to improve interactions with others. Check out the course, then take the quiz and see how you do!