Community Building Milwaukee

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Wisconsin Community Services serves individuals who are involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in, the criminal justice system, as well as other vulnerable community members. Jim serves as the Project Manager of Community Building Milwaukee, an initiative that incorporates the use of a Community Building change process. Community Building is an intense interpersonal group process that promotes social and emotional learning and builds on core relational competencies.

Jim left the Institute wanting to meet with several individuals, including his leadership. Jim met with the administrator of Wisconsin Community Services about the Institute and shared information and resources with him. They found that many of their programs are fully integrating relationship education into their services, but some programs still needed support to get to the same level of integration. Overall, the administrator has shown great support for integration and is looking into ways that the Resource Center trainings can fit within their current trainings. They are planning to use the Virtual Training Center and the Resource Center curriculum to bring all programs to a place of fully integrating relationship education into their agency. Jim hopes that these resources can be used with both staff and clients they serve. Jim’s next steps are to continue to stay current with what is available from the Resource Center and to distribute tip sheets from the Resource Center to participants in the Community Building Workshops

Jim left the Integration Institute hoping he could meet with his agency’s leadership and cabinet to present on information from the institute. He also wanted to meet with the Milwaukee County Child Support Office Pathways to Healthy Families and Fathers program staff to discuss the potential for partnership.

Jim met an employee of the Milwaukee County Child Support Office at the Integration Institute and realized they had met a few years back! They discussed how they could partner together on integration, and Jim shared that this meeting really jumpstarted their partnership and made things “click.”

Using current connections with organizations and partners to integrate resources can be beneficial.

Starting healthy relationships programming early in adolescence is important. Community Building Workshops can be used to strengthen interpersonal skills and relationships.

Jim was able to meet with his agency leadership and cabinet, and with the County Child Support Office to discuss the benefits of integrating healthy relationship skills and potential partnerships. As a result of these conversations, the Milwaukee County Child Support Office and Jim’s agency partnered to provide parenting, marriage, and financial stability education at Jim’s agency (which also serves as a Department of Corrections halfway house).

Virtual Training Center, Resource Center Curriculum, Integration Institute Presentation, Resource Center website, Tip Sheets

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