Culturally Sensitive Programming

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Sharon works for a state Department of Human Services that provides residents of the state with a range of services to support self-sufficiency and safety, including elder abuse prevention, child support programs, and aid for families.

Sharon is a Business Support Analyst for the Department and focuses on coordinating public and private resources to ensure culturally sensitive programming for refugee resettlement. Her goal leaving the Institute was to review their program’s cultural orientation curriculum in order to identify ways to integrate healthy relationship education.

Sharon shared the information she learned from the Integration Institute with her direct manager. Upon receiving positive feedback, she began sharing resources from the Resource Center’s website with colleagues. One of Sharon’s contractors approached her about offering an afterschool program to support relationship education with teenagers. Sharon shared the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families website with the contractor, who found a number of helpful resources.

Review the Home Management Service Provisions and identify a place in its cultural orientation curriculum for integrating healthy relationship education.

Look for places in your existing curriculum where you can insert several healthy relationship education resources.

Establishing the connection between your work and healthy relationship education is crucial to getting leadership buy-in.

Sharon returned from the Institute and successfully engaged her leadership and colleagues with the Resource Center’s website and resources. 

Resource Center website