Home Visitation Program

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Carey works at a county department of health program that is aiming to reduce infant mortality through home visitation and education on parenting, breastfeeding, childbirth, and injury prevention for pregnant women and parents of infants ages 0-3. This program is one of more than 30 throughout this southeast state. Carey is a Human Service Program Manager with the program. In this role, she provides clinical supervision, program management, and direct service through parenting education and support. Carey’s goal leaving the Integration Institute was to provide the first five chapters of the Strong Relationships, Strong Families curriculum to 15 program participants. After returning back to her agency following the Integration Institute, Carey shared the information she learned at the Institute with her leadership and staff. She also utilized the resources provided to her at the Institute, such as brochures on relationship education, the “Tips for a Healthy Relationship” wheel, and copies of the entire curriculum.


Provide the first five chapters of the Strong Relationships, Strong Families curriculum to 15 program participants.

Set aside time during a staff meeting for everyone to make an account on the Virtual Training Center. Bring hard copies of resources when sharing them with your leadership.

Carey expressed that having tangible resources to share made it easier for the leadership team to embrace the curriculum. She felt that the materials, in addition to being “very attractive looking,” “seem like anyone can use [them],” which contributed to building support with her leadership.

Carey shared materials including small brochures, the “Tips for a Healthy Relationship” wheel and copies of the Healthy Relationship curriculum with her leadership and staff. She also presented the information she received from the Integration Institute at a staff meeting. During her presentation, Carey pulled up the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families website to display and share the information. The staff expressed great interest and by the end of the meeting, everyone had created an account on the websites’ Virtual Training Center.

“Tips for a Healthy Relationship” wheel, Strong Relationships, Strong Families curriculum, Virtual Training Center