Increasing Parent Engagement and Reducing Family Stress

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Olivia is an independent parent education contractor in a southeast state. She typically works with groups who provide therapy, case management, adoption and foster services, and in-school services for children in elementary and middle school. These include organizations that assist children and families that qualify for Medicaid with referrals and health care funding, and organizations that provide adoption and foster care services and support to children and families.

During the Institute, Olivia decided that her goal was to simultaneously increase parent engagement and reduce family stress by providing education and skills training. Olivia shared the information from the Integration Institute directly with several organizations she works with. While, she wasn’t able to make extensive progress on this goal with specific organizations, she has used many of the Resource Center’s materials in her own direct service work, helping clients improve their relationship skills. Olivia also uses the “Nurturing Families and Healthy Relationships” curriculum to promote stable relationships with families involved in the court system.

Increase parent engagement and reduce family stress by providing education and skills training to her clients.

If the organization you work at or with doesn’t have a curriculum, the Resource Center’s curriculum can be used in conjunction with your current programming. Olivia used parts of the curriculum to supplement and improve her existing curriculum.

Some of the Resource Center resources might need to be modified to meet your clients’ needs. All of the Resource Center resources are under the Public Domain and can be modified.

Olivia realized that several of the materials she was using from the Resource Center website were too long for some of her clients to easily digest. She began using some of the resources to modify and improve her own curriculum, allowing her to tailor information so that it would better fit her clients on an individual level. Olivia also integrated the “Nurturing Families and Healthy Relationships” curriculum into her existing curriculum.

Strong Families, Strong Relationships Curriculum