Ohio Integration Institute

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Ohio Integration Institute Image - Father and Son bonding moment

After several members of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) attended an Integration Institute, their program director and program administrator worked closely with the Resource Center’s project director to develop a strategic plan for the department. To date, they have held five community engagement events to drive a strategic plan for how to better facilitate healthy family engagement and interaction.

Families of the incarcerated, community agencies, and professional personnel were invited to attend these events and discuss challenges and facilitators to staying connected with incarcerated individuals. Their input, along with information gathered during eight inmate focus groups, helped ODRC determine the next steps to take in facilitating healthy family engagement.

The information gathered from these forums is being used in conjunction with other ODRC data to inform specific recommendations to improve family engagement in prison facilities and in the community.

ODRC’s original goal was to partner with the Marriage Resource Center of Miami Valley to implement RINGSChat in prisons and air videos modeling communication skills on the inmate cable system.

ODRC partnered with the Resource Center to develop a strategic plan to facilitate healthy family engagement and interaction with inmates. The plan was developed in collaboration with inmates, their families and community agencies.

Including inmates and their families in designing a plan for healthy family relationships likely increased their buy-in and engagement.

ODRC shifted away from its original goal of implementing RINGSChat in prisons. After exploring program content, ODRC administrators and prison staff determined that it wasn’t a match for the inmate population. This shift illustrates the importance of providing services that resonate with the population being served.

ODRC held five community engagement events and eight inmate focus groups, using what they learned to develop a strategic plan for healthy family engagement.

ODRC partnered with the Resource Center project director to develop its strategic plan.

The Resource Center, inmates, inmates’ families and community agencies.