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South Carolina Campaign - Young couple

Healthy relationship skills, particularly related to communication and parenting, play a key role in the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s (The SC Campaign’s) work. The agency trains prevention service providers to engage effectively with youth, parents, and communities and also provides resources to support each of these groups’ efforts. In addition, the SC Campaign uses relationship building and communication tools to develop coalitions and mobilize communities with the shared goal of preventing teen pregnancies.

Though an intrinsic part of the SC Campaign’s work, healthy relationship skills were not a formal training focus prior to the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families’ Integration Institute in South Carolina. There, the SC Campaign Training Coordinator, Shannon Lindsay identified opportunities to use healthy relationship education to assist in her agency’s efforts to prevent teen pregnancy and, ultimately, to strengthen families in South Carolina.

Within the next year, review all trainings, develop a healthy families module, and integrate it into trainings being offered.

As the agency’s Training Manager, Shannon is a strong believer in community mobilization, and the SC Campaign plays a convening role for prevention agencies and other service providers in the state. Following the Institute, the SC Campaign has maintained a strong partnership with the Children’s Trust Fund of South Carolina and other statewide agencies as part of a program called, Community Support for Young Parents. This federally-funded program works to enhance educational attainment, family planning, parenting skills, and access to services for expecting and parenting teens and young adults.

Shannon has incorporated a healthy relationships module into the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) training that she provides to colleagues and partners. This is part of an effort to highlight and address the connection between childhood adversity and teen pregnancy.

Interagency collaboration is a strength for the SC Campaign and many of its partners. However, there is still room for growth and a need to reach more agencies in the state that have a narrow focus on their specific issues or services rather than seeing various social service agencies as interrelated. In fact, the agency’s core commitments include increasing engagement and impacting systems. Shannon’s role as part of the Operations and Communications team will ensure that she continues strategic partnerships to meet these goals.

Since attending the Institute, Shannon has become an ACEs master trainer, collaborated with the Children’s Trust Fund to launch a program for young parents, incorporated healthy relationship education into existing trainings, and partnered with the Resource Center to present a webinar on intergenerational coparenting.

The Resource Center Project Director, Robyn Cenizal, has provided training at the SC Campaign’s Summer Institute. Shannon has leveraged the following Resource Center products: tip sheets for service providers and families; the Guide to Free and Low-Cost, Research-Based Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Curricula for Safety-Net Service Providers; Healthy Dating Leads to Healthy Marriage; and Building Strong Parenting Partnerships.

In addition to its strong partnerships with the Resource Center and the Children’s Trust Fund, the SC Campaign collaborates with many agencies across South Carolina, including Medicaid Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Services (MAPPS), the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Social Services, Youth, and Foster Care Division.