Tribal Family Services

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A tribal government in the northwest provides a number of direct services that include TANF support, healthcare, Head Start programs, child care, and alcohol and drug counseling.

Liliana was the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the tribe when she attended the Institute. The Tribe already had an active social services program with healthy marriage and relationship education incorporated into many of their programs. Liliana’s first step after the Institute was to share resources and basic information with the Tribal Council and social services manager. This let her establish a basis for the importance of the initiative and begin a conversation. She also had the opportunity to present on healthy family education during a “family night training.” Following the Institute, Liliana expanded her partnership with two programs.

Share information with the Tribal Council and establish partnerships within her community.

Starting small, by sharing information with leadership within your organization, can lead to larger opportunities, such as partnerships with other organizations.

Liliana found that there is a place for healthy relationship education in workforce readiness training.

Liliana successfully integrated healthy relationship education into several programs. The first is a counseling service that has found participants often struggle to re-enter the workforce after coming out of a mental or behavioral health program. Liliana is working to ease this transition by incorporating healthy relationship education into the program.

The other is an organization that assists Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients and is helping the tribe’s workforce readiness program improve their soft skills training. This partnership has been particularly useful, as they have provided many resources that Liliana doesn’t have access to.

Liliana was able to partner with two organizations. These partnerships have provided Liliana the opportunity to access more resources and expand their healthy relationship and soft skills training.