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African American Marriage Enrichment Program: How to Make Your Good Thing Better.

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African American Family Life Education Institute.
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The African American Marriage Enrichment Program: How to Make Your Good Thing Better is a research based, skills building curriculum designed to help individual's establish and maintaing satisfying, intimate relationships and marriages. The curriculum is on the cutting edge as it openly and interactively engages and guides participants through an eight (8) week course. Course Specifics:

* The program includes 7 weekly classes and concludes with a commitment ceremony on the 8th week. Couples who choose to marry during the commitment ceremony may do so. However, there is NO requirement to do so.

* Theoretical framework: Cognitive skills, behavioral skills, primary and secondary prevention (i.e., public health), social justice, and empowerment.

* Each class is 2.5 hours long.

* BOTH partners are strongly urged to attend all classes.

* Topics include: Purposes of "marriage;" Ingredients of a "good thing;" causes of intimate relationship problems; developing new thinking skills; effects of social injustice by race and gender on African Americans and their intimate relationships; love, forgiveness, and new promises to "make your good thing better."

* Homework is assigned at the end of each session and is due at the beginning of the next class. It will be included in later sessions.

* Some assignments involve reading and writing. Please share with the instructor any concerns you have about the reading assignments.

* Program design includes wrap-around service delivery, meals provided prior to each class, child supervision & homework assistance, and transportation as needed.

* Consultation and training are available upon request regarding program development and course instruction. See tab labeled "Consultation & Training." (Author abstract)

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