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After "I Do" : The Newlywed Transition.

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David G. Schramm
James P. Marshall
V. William Harris
Thomas R. Lee
Journal Article
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Marital satisfaction, marital adjustment, and problem areas experienced during the early months of marriage were examined using a sample of 1,010 newlywed husbands and wives. Results revealed that between 8% and 14% percent of newlyweds already scored in the distressed range on measures of marital satisfaction and adjustment, respectively. For both husbands and wives, the most problematic areas in the early months of marriage were balancing employment and marriage and debt brought into marriage. However, protective factors in the marriage, including respect, appreciation, commitment, mutual affection, and trust, were the strongest predictors of marital satisfaction and adjustment. Implications for future research and family life education are proposed. (Author abstract).

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