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Are College Marriage Textbooks Teaching Students the Premarital Predictors of Marital Quality?

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Larson, Jeffrey H.
Hickman, Rachel.
Journal Article
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We evaluated 10 college marriage textbooks for their efficacy in teaching the premarital predictors of marital quality identified in the literature. They also were evaluated on their use of an integrative teaching approach that personalizes the content for readers and assists readers in learning, remembering, and using the information in their own lives. Four evaluators assessed the content and teaching methods in each book. Results showed that only 4 of the 10 textbooks covered two thirds or more of the premarital predictors, and none of the books used an integrative teaching approach consistently. Implications for improving these books, adding supplementary materials on premarital predictors to college courses, and increasing the use of integrative teaching methods in these books are discussed. (Author abstract).

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