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Authentic Youth and Youth Adult Partnerships: Broadening the Narrative of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness.

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Shelton, Jama. Price, Christa. VanCleefe, Phoebe.
Journal Article
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This article will introduce a framework for authentic youth and young adults (YYA) partnerships, describe the philosophy and values underlying the True Colors Fund’s successful partnerships with YYA, and provide examples of how YYA partnerships have informed our work, and as a result, the communities we work with. It will discuss how, through the organization’s partnerships with YYA, we have recognized the importance of (1) broadening the narrative about LGBTQ youth homelessness to include the various intersecting reasons LGBTQ youth become homeless and (2) moving beyond a single paradigm of risk/victimization to include resilience and possibility. (Author abstract modified)

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