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Baby Fathers and American Family Formation.

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Mincy, Ronald B.
Pouncy, Hillard.
Technical Report
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This report is based on a study commissioned in 2002 by Dana Reichert, who was then Director of Louisiana's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The study was envisioned as a tool for assessing needs and developing policies affecting the state's many fragile families. This investigation was particularly salient because Louisiana has more fragile families per capita than any other state in the nation. The study is based on a survey conducted by Phil Richardson for Maximus Inc., of Washington, DC, which interviewed 1,200 never-married mothers receiving Food Stamps as well as 800 fathers who had children with the identified mothers. The parents were surveyed two to five months after the birth of their child. (Maximus also interviewed a second sample, consisting of mothers and fathers with two- and three-year-old children to gain insights into what happens to the relationship among parents over a longer time frame.) (Author abstract)


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