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Bridging the Gap: From Foster Care to College Success in New York.

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Mehrotra, Apurva.
Treschan, Lazar.
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Community Service Society of New York.
Technical Report
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This blueprint presents a summary of the Fostering Youth Success Alliance (FYSA) proposal for a State-funded foster youth college success initiative in New York, as well as a brief overview of a cost-benefit analysis for such a project. It begins by describing the components of the proposal, including: a website offering pre-college information; a summer transition program for all participating students; on-campus support for all participating students: advisement and coaching with each student having a designated advisor who is experienced with foster care issues and can assist students in navigating college; tutoring and academic assistance; and transition and aging-out support from advisors, particularly in the areas of housing and employment. The program would provide comprehensive financial aid covering all tuition and living expenses, an emergency fund for crisis situations, and be open to young people who have spent at least one year in foster care after their 13th birthday. Information is provided on the proposed program administration and the costs and benefits of the program to New York State. Data is presented that estimates an investment of $8,607,099 would yield a present value savings from increased tax revenues and decreased public expenditures of $28,219,063 for a present value net fiscal benefit of $19.6 million to New York State.

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