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Bringing Partners into the Picture: Family-Strengthening Programming for Incarcerated Fathers.

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Personal Author: 
McKay, Tasseli.
Bir, Anupa.
Lindquist, Christine.
Corwin, Elise.
Herman-Stahl, Mindy.
Smiley-McDonald, Hope.
Corporate Author: 
United States Department of Health and Human Services. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.
Briefing Materials
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This brief describes the work of Responsible Fatherhood, Marriage and Family Strengthening Grants for Incarcerated and Re-entering Fathers and Their Partners (MFS-IP) grantees in delivering programming to the partners of incarcerated fathers. The brief documents services offered to partners; challenges encountered in enrolling and serving partners; and solutions grantees employed to meet these challenges. (Author abstract)

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