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Child Care and Child Welfare Partnership Toolkit.

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Arkansas Department of Human Services. Division of Children and Family Services.
Arkansas Department of Human Services. Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.
Project PLAY (Positive Learning for Arkansas' Youngest)
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This toolkit is designed to enhance the important partnership between child care providers and family service workers in the child welfare system, with the goal of ensuring that foster children get the best care possible. It includes: (1) A brief article about the impacts of trauma on young children and what caregivers can do to help; (2) An Information Exchange guide designed to 'jump-start' the sharing of information between the child care provider and the family service worker (caseworker). You may choose to use this communication guide as is, or incorporate pieces of it into your normal paperwork. The important thing is to share information for the good of the child; (3) A Child Progress Update form that teachers may want to complete and give to the family service worker to let them know how the child is doing in the preschool classroom. This information may be useful for the family service worker in the ongoing development of the child's case plan and in reporting to the court; (4) Information about how to obtain Immunization records when needed; (5) 'Saying Goodbye' -- Suggestions for creating a smooth transition when it is time for the child to leave the center; and (6) A Developmental Milestones handout with information on typical behavior for children of different ages and suggestions for teachers/caregivers/parents to promote healthy development in young children. (Author abstract)