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Children in "Newly Poor" Families: Coping with the Economic Crisis.

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University of Minnesota. Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare.
Newsletter/Newspaper Article
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Children in Newly Poor Families: Coping with the Economic Crisis.

This newsletter issue explores the impact of the economic downturn on families and children in Minnesota and the experiences of school social workers, Homeless Liaisons, and staff of community agencies in helping families. Articles discuss: statistics on low wages of hourly workers in Minnesota; issues facing children in families who are struggling financially and the impact on parental involvement in schools; pressures on adolescents in economically stressed families and the incidence of suicides; the role of the school lunch program in ensuring children are fed; definitions of homelessness, common signs of homelessness, and the role of Homeless Liaisons; linking children of the newly poor with social services; strategies for building resilience in children of the newly poor; and federal legislation that addresses homelessness, foster care, and school meals. A list of resources for responding to children in newly poor families is included.

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