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CWLA Standards of Excellence for Transition, Independent Living, and Self-Sufficiency Services

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Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
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The Child Welfare League of America standards for transition, independent living, and self-sufficiency (TILSS) services outline best practices for preparing foster youth for adulthood. The organization promotes a positive youth development approach to help children and teens become productive members of the community. Key components of the youth development strategy include youth involvement in program planning, healthy and safe environments, healthy relationships with staff and family members, experiential learning, community partnerships, long-term dedication to interdependence, and recognition of individual strengths. The standards address assessment and service delivery, program administration, the continuum of services and role of case management, and variety of living arrangements. Emphasis is placed on the domains of lifeskill development, identity formation, community relationships, health and mental health, education, employment, and housing.

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