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Domestic Violence: A National Curriculum for Family Preservation Practitioners.

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Schechter, S.
Ganley, A. L.
Training Material
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This curriculum was designed to help family preservation practitioners identify and assess domestic violence and collaborate with domestic violence programs to intervene with battered women, perpetrators, and children, while keeping all members of the family safe. The manual provides a suggested program agenda, content outlines, exercises to help participants practice skills, preparatory reading for participants, handouts, and a bibliography on domestic violence. Chapter 7 focuses on the needs of children of domestic violence, the impact of domestic violence, and methods for assessment and intervention. Assessments should evaluate behavior problems, emotional problems, social and environmental disruption, effects of violence on the child's primary caretakers, and child-protective factors. Ten intervention strategies are also outlined, including the development of safety plans, assuring children that they are not responsible for the domestic violence, helping parents set clear limits with children who are violent and abusive, and referring children to culturally relevant services for children of domestic violence. Numerous references.

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