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An Economic Framework and Selected Proposals for Demonstrations Aimed At Strengthening Marriage, Employment, and Family Functioning Outcomes.

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Lerman, Robert.
Acs, Gregory.
Bir, Anupa.
Corporate Author: 
Urban Institute.
United States. Administration for Children and Families. Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation.
Technical Report
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The primary purpose of this project is to bring evidence and policy development together by using theories, quantitative evidence, and ethnographic findings about the interactions between marriage, employment, and family functioning to formulate new approaches for programs and policies -- approaches that can be tested with rigorously evaluated demonstrations. The focus of the analysis and proposed demonstrations is on improving employment and family outcomes for disadvantaged populations and people at risk of poverty. In the appendix, we review an extensive body of research linking aspects of marriage, employment, and family functioning to determine the significance of specific relationships. The goal of this paper is to move to the next stage -- to conceive promising strategies that take direct account of the mix of interactions uncovered in research. (Author abstract)

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