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The economic reality of nonresident mothers and their children.

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Sousa, Liliana.
Sorensen, Elaine.
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Urban Institute.
National Survey of America's Families.
Assessing the New Federalism (Program)
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This brief provides a national portrait of nonresident mothers and their children, contrasting them with nonresident fathers and their children. The brief uses data from the 2002 National Survey of America's Families (NSAF), one of the few nationally representative surveys with data on nonresident mothers. It shows that nonresident mothers have demographic characteristics similar to nonresident fathers but differ in two important ways: nonresident mothers are more likely to be living with some of their children than nonresident fathers, and fewer nonresident mothers are working. Most children who live apart from their mothers do not receive child support, but these children tend to live in economically secure families. Children living apart from both their parents, however, experience relatively high rates of poverty and, depending on the circumstances of these arrangements, may benefit from increased child support enforcement. (Author abstract)

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