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An Evaluation of Marketing Factors in Marriage Enrichment Program Promotion.

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Roberts, Lisen C.
Morris, Michael Lane.
Journal Article
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This article evaluates the factors that are associated with couples' decisions to attend or not attend a marriage enrichment programs. This study included descriptions of overall perceptions and preferences of study participants, as well as comparisons between program participants and nonparticipants in terms of their marital relationships, self-esteem levels, perceptions of marriage enrichment purpose, constraints to participation, fears in attendance, and preferred knowledge about the program facilitator. One area possibly affecting couples' decisions to attend or not attend a particular marriage enrichment program is the spouses' perceptions of their own marital relationships. A specific variable that has been consistently utilized as a screening criterion and examined empirically is that of marital satisfaction. Many programs make the assumption that couples choosing to participate in marriage enrichment have above-average marital satisfaction and at least one empirical examination has found this assumption to be true. (Author abstract)

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