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Every System Plays a Role in Working to End Homelessness: How the TANF System Can Support Economic Opportunity for Families Experiencing Homelessness.

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Heartland Alliance.
Policy Analysis
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The resources and services available through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program are critical to addressing and ending family homelessness. Most families experiencing homelessness are eligible for TANF assistance, which can be used for a variety of income support, employment, education, training, and work support services that can help stabilize these families. However, research indicates that only 41 percent of families who are experiencing homelessness receive income and employment support from the TANF program. This resource offers ways that state and local TANF systems can increase employment and economic opportunity for homeless jobseekers and ensure that families are connected with income supports. This resource also provides current examples of innovative ways state TANF resources have been leveraged to support the needs of homeless families. (Author Abstract)

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