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Examining Parental Alliance for Low-Income Participants Who Attended Relationship Education With or Without a Partner.

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Carlson, Ryan G.
Barden, Sejal M.
Daire, Andrew P.
Swartz, Melissa.
Journal Article
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Couples and relationship education (CRE) programs indicate positive results for low-income couples who attend. However, most studies examined relationship satisfaction or communication patterns, with few addressing the influence of CRE on parental alliance and even fewer examining parental alliances for those who attend couples-level and individual-level programs. Thus, we examined changes in parental alliance for participants who attended CRE individually (n= 182) and with their partner (n= 190). Participants who attended couples level CRE with a partner reported significant parental alliance improvements at post-assessments, while those who attended individual level CRE independently did not. (Author abstract)

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