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Family Socioeconomic Status, Immigration, and Children’s Transitions into School.

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Crosnoe, Robert.
Ansari, Arya.
Journal Article
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Family scholars have contributed a great deal to the growing literature documenting how children’s transitions into elementary school serve as a critical period in their educational careers and, more broadly, in socioeconomic and demographic disparities in long-term educational attainment. The purpose of this review is to describe how this school transition works, why it has short- and long-term ramifications for educational inequality, and how it may be amenable to policy intervention. The review then elucidates how research that looks inside children—including neuroscience—may deepen and build on what is already known in meaningful ways. Throughout, the discussion focuses on children from low-income families and children from Latin American immigrant families, two groups of children who are central to child- and family-focused efforts to understand and remedy educational inequality. (Author Abstract)

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