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Fathering After Violence.

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Family Violence Prevention Fund.
Fact Sheet
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Guiding Principles for Fathering After Violence.

This fact sheet lists the guiding principles of Fathering After Violence (FAV), a national initiative developed by the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) and its partners to enhance the safety and well-being of women and children by motivating men to renounce their violence and become better fathers (or father figures) and more supportive parenting partners. The principles include: the safety of women and children is always the first priority; work with fathers must be continually informed and guided by the experiences of battered women and their children; FAV does not endorse nor encourage automatic contact between the offending fathers and their children or parenting partners; there must be critical awareness of the cultural context in which parenting happens in any domestic violence intervention; abuse is a deliberate choice and a learned behavior and therefore can be unlearned; some men choose to change their abusive behavior and heal their relationships while others continue to choose violence; working with fathers is an essential piece of ending violence against women and children; fathers who have used violence need close observation to mitigate unintended harm; service coordination among providers of domestic violence services is essential; and the reparative process between abusive fathers and their children often is long and complex and is not appropriate for all men.

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