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Fragile families and the marriage agenda.

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Kowaleski-Jones, Lori (Editor)
Wolfinger, Nicholas (Editor)
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Based on a collection of papers presented at the 2003 Rocco C. and Marion S. Siciliano Forum, this volume explores issues related to fragile families and the impact of marriage promotion programs. It begins with a keynote address from Sara McLanahan, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, which addresses the many issues surrounding the current controversy over the state of marriage. Evidence of the success of the government's marriage promotion programs is shared. Following papers address: the discursive links between public images of and policies toward marriage, and the prevailing feminist and sociological views; teenage pregnancy and childbearing in the United States, its impact on parental well-being, and the impact of public policy proposals to reduce teen pregnancy; the effects of American family law on fragile families; the causes and consequences of child well-being in fragile families; the impact of changes in women's human capital and labor market participation on the incomes of divorced women since 1980; the motives for and effects of at-risk students' work for pay during high school; the family circumstances of unmarried fathers; and developmental factors associated with positive fathering among a sample of young men aged 15 to 19. Papers include references. 31 figures.

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