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Getting the Message Out: Working with the Media. Webinar presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, July 23, 2008 [Streaming Video, Streaming Audio, PowerPoint, and Transcript].

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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.
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Presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center on July 23, 2008, this 1 hour, 30 minutes webinar discusses experienced based and effective strategies for engaging the media in an effort to promote healthy marriage programs and events, methods for building relationships with the media, and key components of successful public awareness campaigns. The first presentation is offered by Julie Baumgardner, President and Executive Director of First Things First, a grass roots organization dedicated to strengthening marriages and families in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She discusses strategies for building media relations, the use of various media outlets, and community outreach. The second presentation by Nisa Muhammad, Executive Director of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, describes the development of a Black Marriage Day that is celebrated every March in more than 200 cities. Promotion of the day, marketing of events related to Black Marriage Day, and media coverage of the day are discussed. The final presentation is offered by Tonya Waite, company-director of Vow and Twogether, and Joe Fuentes, who both direct the Virginity Rules: Abstinence until Marriage Program in Texas. Strategies for developing a positive relationship with a media design company and tips for assessing whether a company can meet your needs are shared. Answers to questions posed by webinar participants are also included, as well as a PowerPoint presentation and transcript.

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