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Hábitos Monetarios: Define tus hábitos y actitudes sobre el dinero (Money Habitudes: Target Your Habits and Attitudes About Money. Spanish Version).

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Solomon, Syble.
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The Spanish version of Money Habitudes is a simple but powerful tool to help people talk about money. The award-winning decks of cards are easy to use and provide new insights in a fun, game-like format. They can be used by professionals and non-professionals when working with individuals, couples or groups. Often used as an introductory exercise or icebreaker, they also work well as a standalone activity or as a module within a larger program. Used for sessions between 15 minutes and 2 hours, the cards are frequently included as part of programs that include: pre-marital, marriage enrichment, couples counseling, communication, conflict management and life skills, as well as financial literacy, budgeting, investing and money management. Each deck includes instructions and discussion and interpretation information. Also available in English versions for (1) Adults (2) Teens and (3) Young Adults (18-25). A companion guide (in English) for professionals and facilitators is also available. (Author abstract)

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