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The Innovate Phase: Co-creating Evidence-informed Solutions to Improve Human Services Programs.

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Personal Author: 
Michelle. McCay
Jonathan. Person
Corporate Author: 
Mathematica Policy Research
Office of Planning
and Evaluation
Administration for Children and Families
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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The Learn, Innovate, Improve (or LI2) process is a way for human services leaders to intentionally launch and systematically guide program change and to incorporate evidence and research methods into such efforts. This practice brief provides an overview of the second phase of LI2—the Innovate phase—which is intended to help both researchers of human services programs and those who administer programs to generate new and innovative ideas to address pressing challenges. The Innovate phase includes three steps: (1) planning and prioritizing; (2) generating ideas; and (3) defining a potential solution. (Author abstract)


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