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Keeping Families Together Matters: An Introduction to Creating Supportive Housing for Child Welfare-Involved Families.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH).
Technical Report
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This guide is designed to help communities create supportive housing for child welfare-involved families. It is based on lessons learned from New York City's Keeping Families Together pilot program and related efforts to help communities knit together local, State, and federal resources to develop similar initiatives. It begins by reviewing the following core components of the Keeping Families Together program: supportive housing, targeted recruitment, multisystem collaboration, clinical consultation, and evaluation. Information is then provided on essential features of supportive housing and key service principles in supportive housing for child welfare-involved families. Tips for building effective collaboration around a child welfare supportive housing initiative are shared, as well as strategies for identifying high-need families for supportive housing. A checklist is then provided to assess community readiness for implementing a child welfare-focused supportive housing initiative. The questions address housing resources, child welfare partners, service capacity, willingness to collaboration, and leadership. Final sections discuss how existing supportive housing units and those in the development pipeline can be identified and key program evaluation criteria of supportive housing for child welfare-involved families.

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