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Keeping the Promise: Maintaining the Health of Military and Veteran Families and Children.

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Cozza, Stephen J.
Haskins, Ron.
Lerner, Richard M.
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Princeton University.
The Future of Children.
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Deployment and its possible consequences, including a service member's injury, psychological trauma, or death, put considerable strain on military children and families. Most of them are resilient in the face of this adversity. Still, the psychological distress they experience can reverberate through the family, impairing the healthy functioning of parents and children alike. As a nation, we owe these families a system of care that emphasizes not just treatment but also prevention, helping them draw on their own resources for resilience, as well as those of their communities. We propose a shared national agenda to expand and rigorously test a system of treatment and preventive services for military children and families. (Author abstract)

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