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Launching a National Conversation About Marriage: The NHMRC National Media Campaign. Webinar presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, February 25, 2009 [Streaming Video, Streaming Audio, PowerPoint, and Transcript].

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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.
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Presented by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center on February 25, 2009, this webinar focuses on marriage education strategies that can be used to reach young adults (ages 18-30). The first presentation is provided by Ellen Holman, the Resource Center's Communication Outreach Manager based in Oklahoma City. The importance of targeting 18-30 year olds is discussed, as well as the development of the TwoOfUs campaign to increase confidence that marriage is a viable option and to provide tools and skills to help young adults reach their relationship goals. The phases in the development of the campaign and strategies that were used to tailor messages to 20-somethings are described, as well as characteristics of 20-somethings. The second presentation by Holly Maust, an Online and Social Marketing Manager at (Barkley REI), describes the Web site and discusses the campaign's social networking strategies and approach to engage target populations in the National Conversation about Marriage. The final presentation by Kris Tremaine, the Senior Vice President, ICF International, covers the tactics that the campaign will use for outreach, previews messages and ads, explains what it means to be a partner with TwoOfUs, and how to become a partner with this national effort. Answers to questions posed by webinar participants are also included, as well as a PowerPoint presentation and transcript.

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