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Laying the Foundation: Starting a Marriage and Relationship Education Program in Your Organization. How-to Guide.

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Rubio, Leah.
Murrell, Sarah.
Harrison, Courtney.
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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.
Technical Report
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This How-to Guide is designed for family strengthening practitioners who wish to start an MRE program and provide direct services within an established agency. It is relevant to practitioners working in religious or grassroots organizations, national non-profits or government agencies that either offer a variety of programming or are just beginning.

The objective of this Guide is to help you lay the foundation as you prepare to either start up an MRE program or add MRE to an existing program. You do not need to have experience in organizational development or program design. The tools and steps in this Guide are designed to walk you through the process, step-by-step. Laying the foundation includes:

* Deciding how MRE aligns with your organization's mission and goals

* Assessing the needs of your community

* Determining the services you want to offer

* Developing plans for funding, sustainability and evaluation

* Engaging your organization's leadership

These steps are just the beginning, but the foundation is essential to program success. (Author abstract modified)

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