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The Long-Range Impact of the Recession on Families: A Briefing Paper Prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families.

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Adrian, Valerie.
Coontz, Stephanie.
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The Long Range Impact of the Recession on Families.

Prepared for the 13th Annual Conference of the Council on Contemporary Families held on April 16-17, 2010, this paper explores the impact of the current recession on families. It reviews statistics on the number of people who are unemployed, those facing poverty, and those who owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. It notes findings from studies that indicate 18.5% of households report they do not always have enough money to buy the food they need, 78% of food banks have reduced the amount of food given to each client, and more than half of polled unemployed adults have cut back on medical treatments or visits to doctors. The human costs of unemployment and economic stress are explained, as well as the different ways men and women feel the crisis, the impact of economically stressed families on children, the effects of the recession on young adults, and difficulties faced by seniors. How poverty or financial reverses stress family relationships is discussed, and the increase in divorce rates after a steady decline from 1981 is examined. The paper closes with a list of resources for at risk families. 44 references.

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