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Long-Term Effects of Stressors on Relationship Well-Being and Parenting Among Rural African American Women.

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Murry, Velma M.
Harrell, Amanda W.
Brody, Gene H.
Chen, Yi-Fu.
Simons, Ronald L.
Black, Angela R.
Cutrona, Carolyn E.
Gibbons, Frederick X.
Journal Article
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This investigation of the effects of stressful life events on rural African American women's relationship well-being, psychological functioning, and parenting included 361 married or long-term cohabiting women. Associations among stressful events, socioeconomic status, perceived racial discrimination, coping strategies, psychological functioning, relationship well-being, and parenting were tested. Stressful events were related directly to diminished relationship well-being and heightened psychological distress and indirectly to compromised parenting. The results can inform research and intervention with African American women. (Author abstract)

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