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Love Notes: Making Relationships Work for Young Adults and Young Parents. Instructor's Manual.

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Pearson, Marline.
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The Dibble Institute.
Training Material
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For a growing number of teens and young adults, personal goals are derailed by unplanned pregnancy, single parenting and troubled relationships.

Love Notes was created for this "at risk" audience, some already pregnant or parenting. In 15 lessons, they discover -- often for the first time -- how to make wise choices about relationships, sexuality, pregnancy prevention, partnering and more.

Rather than focusing on what to avoid, Love Notes builds assets and appeals to aspirations. It offers young people new conceptual frameworks for decision making, along with untapped sources of motivation.

Love Notes features language, activities and a workbook that engage young males as well as females. Topics include:

* Self-knowledge and personal aspirations.

* Developing, assessing, and maintaining healthy relationships.

* Recognizing unhealthy relationships and responding to dangerous relationships.

* Effective communication and conflict management.

* Intimacy, sexual values, pacing and planning.

* How parental relationships affect children and the compelling reasons to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Love Notes is research based and adapted from the acclaimed Love U2®: Relationship Smarts PLUS and Within My Reach® programs. (Author abstract)

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