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Marriage Education: What Do We Know? What Should We Do About It [Webpage]?

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Benson, Harry.
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Marriage Education: What Do We Know, What Should We Do About It?

In order to learn whether couples can improve their odds of staying happily married, thereby reducing rates of family breakdown, we need to know three things. (1) We need to know what "risk factors" make marriages more likely to succeed or fail. For example, we might reasonably assume that couples who are better-off or those who communicate well together will probably have a more successful marriage. But this would be our personal assumption. We need objective research to check this out. (2) We need to know whether any of these "risk factors" can be changed by outside influence - specifically by "marriage education". Ideally we would learn this over time by comparing couples who receive a programme with similar couples who do not. (3) We also need to know which approaches to marriage education are most effective, simply because there are so many of them. (Author abstract)

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