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Money Habitudes: Guide for Couples.

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Solomon, Syble.
Training Material
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The concise, 27-page guide is designed for couples to use on their own to provide more value when using Money Habitudes cards. It can also be used with the Money Habitudes training DVD. The guide and its exercises are appropriate for dating, pre-marital and married couples; no financial background is needed. The guide is meant to foster productive, positive conversations about money topics such as how you save, spend, earn, invest, go into debt and give away money. Topics covered include: uncovering the real issues that lead to conflict and keep you from reaching your goals; identifying the strengths you both bring to the discussion and how your Money Habitudes complement and balance each other; respectful conflict and setting goals. Companion materials include: a professional/facilitators' guide, a workbook, and a DVD. Money Habitudes cards are available in the following versions: (1) Adult (2) Adult-Spanish (3) Teens (high school) and (4) Young Adults (18-25). (Author abstract)

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