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Nine Facts About American Families and Work.

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Council of Economic Advisers.
Federal Publication/Policy
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This report explains the following nine important facts about American families and work which together illustrate the changes that are needed to ensure long-term economic growth, maintain economic competitiveness, improve the well-being of Americans, and make full use of all of America's talents: mothers are increasingly the household breadwinners; fathers are increasingly family caregivers; women make up nearly half of the labor force; women are increasingly among the most skilled workers, attaining the majority of college degrees, and deepening their work experiences; most children live in households where all parents work; eldercare is a growing responsibility of workers; men and women alike face challenges as they try to balance work and family; many workplaces have not kept up with the needs of 21st century workers and families; and providing workplace flexibility and paid leave strengthens families, businesses, and the economy. 35 references.

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