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One Home at a Time: Restoring the Soul of America Through God's Plan for Your Marriage and Family.

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Rainey, Dennis.
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Abraham Lincoln once said, "The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people." But a permissive society and waning cultural standards have waged a spiritual battle against our marriages, children, even nation, undermining the family and jeopardizing America's future.

As Christians, we need to do something. We need to incite revival-- a great movement that will sweep through our hearts, our homes, and neighborhoods, encouraging participation and inspiring the change people long for.

In short, we need reformation-- a family reformation. And One Home at a Time reveals how you can bring about such change by strengthening one of the country's most important components-- your family.

One Home at a Time provides the clarity and direction today's family needs to be the strong, supportive, spiritual institution God designed it to be. Armed with these key principles, you'll experience the immense difference that comes from molding your life, marriage, and family around the Bible's truths. Commit yourselves to the Family Manifesto-- a definitive statement of faith that provides each member of your family with a distinct, divine purpose-- and be prepared for life-changing results!

Truly, the family is the backbone of society. God intended it to be. Resolve today to adhere to His truths in your family life. It won't be easy-- the most meaningful things in life never are. But your loved ones and country will be all the better for it. (Author abstract)

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