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Part 3: Healthy Marriage in Culturally and Racially Diverse Populations.

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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.
Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Briefing Materials
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This compilation includes audio recordings and materials for the third of three policy seminars that shares findings from federally funded Healthy Marriage and relationship programs. This 1 hour, 30 minutes seminar was held on September 19, 2008, and focused on promoting healthy marriages in culturally and racially diverse populations. Speakers were divided into two presentation panels that shared key findings on the importance of cultural competency in Healthy Marriage and relationship programs, and issues, challenges, and solutions in adapting programs to reach racially diverse populations. Materials include the agenda, biographies of the panelists, a list of key online resources addressing marriage education for African American and Hispanic couples, information on a marriage curriculum designed for African American couples, a brochure from the Family Bridges of Chicagoland program, a summary of Hispanic Healthy Marriage Initiative activities, and a description of the Wedded Bliss foundation.

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