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The Perils of Early Motherhood.

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Sawhill, Isabel.
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Conservatives have decidedthat what ails America is that not enough of us aregetting and staying married. They have a point. Not only arefewer people marrying than in the past but, more disturbingly,one out of every three children is born outside of marriage.The life chances of these children are seriously compromised.Far more of them will grow up in poverty, fail inschool, and enter adolescence with a propensity to repeat theirparents' youthful mistakes. Indeed, as Jonathan Rauch has argued,and the data suggest, marriage is displacing both earningsand race as a source of division in America. Childrengrowing up in a one-parent family are four times as likely tobe poor as those growing up in a two-parent family, and thosegrowing up in a single-parent white family are three timesmore likely to be poor then those growing up in a two-parentblack family. (Author abstract).

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