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Policy Responses to Couple Conflict and Domestic Violence: A Framework for Discussion.

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Ooms, Theodora.
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This paper was first published as Chapter 15 in Couples in Conflict, edited by Alan Booth, Ann C. Crouter, and Mari Clements (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001). It sketches the broad outlines of the landscape of the current policy response to different types of couple conflict, and to the separate but related issue of domestic violence. Topics covered in the chapter include domestic violence programs, batterers' programs, welfare reform and domestic violence, child support enforcement and domestic violence, mediation and other alternative approaches to divorce conflict, coparenting education, responsible fatherhood programs, couples and marriage education, and policy developments related to couples and marriage. The author concludes by raising the following questions and issues that she believes need to be addressed in the future: To what extent are new policies and programs grounded in research; how effectively is the scholarly community communicating its findings to the policy/program community; are scholars conducting policy/program-relevant research--studying the questions to which public officials want the answers; what bridges currently exist to facilitate or encourage interaction among the research, program, and policy communities; and what are the incentives or disincentives within academia to conduct policy-relevant work?

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