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From Poverty to Child Welfare Involvement: The Critical Role of Housing in Family Stability.

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Torrico, Roxana.
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National Association of Social Workers.
Briefing Materials
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This brief explores the economic barriers to the well-being of vulnerable families and the role of housing in providing stability to families. It explains the challenges families living in or near poverty face in meeting their children's basic needs, the incidence of homelessness, and the correlation between child maltreatment and inadequate housing and homelessness. The impact housing instability has in delaying family reunification is also noted. Strategies social workers can use to ensure families obtain permanent housing and economic security are discussed, and include: plan for housing early, provide basic, concrete assistance, connect to community resources, collaborate with other service providers to fill in the gaps, participate in cross-system training activities, and advocate for funding. A list of resources is included. 15 references.

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