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Prepare for Your Marriage: A Guidebook for Engaged Couples.

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Hickman, Bob.
Hickman, Barbara.
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This guidebook for engaged and newly married couples will lead the way to the life-long marriage we all dream about and envy when we see it happen to other people. It isn't an impossible dream-- it can be in your future. It simply takes knowing what to do and how to do it. This book, written in an easy-going style with exercises at the end of each chapter, will help you discover the formula for your particular relationship.

You will learn how to: recognize your own strengths and build on them; communicate intimately with your beloved; acknowledge the difference between the two of you; come to mutual decisions with your spouse; handle your finances together; make love, not just have sex; set goals and priorities, both individually and together; ask for, and receive, forgiveness; and much more. (Author abstract)

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