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Preparing Professionals to Support the Safety and Permanency Needs of At-Risk Children Through Relationship and Marriage Education.

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National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network.
Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training Project.
Fact Sheet
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The impact of unhealthy or abusive relations between parents on the development and safety of children is discussed, and the need for child welfare workers to reinforce elements of healthy family functioning in order to minimize these risks to children and maximize the opportunity for family preservation is emphasized. The Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training (HRMET) project is then highlighted. The project is a five-year $1.2 million federally funded multi-state cooperative agreement with the Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children's Bureau. The goal of the HRMET project is to meet the safety, permanency, and well-being needs of vulnerable children in the child welfare system by increasing child welfare workers' access to and implementation of relationship and marriage education. Components of the HRMET curriculum and the training are described. 8 references.

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