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Problem-solving Training for Couples (Chapter 11 in Social Problem Solving : Theory, Research, and Training).

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Córdova, James V.
Mirgain, Shilagh A.
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There are few areas in life that require skillful social problem solving as consistently as marriage. Differences between partners and the resulting friction are part of the natural fabric of marriage, and how successfully partners cope with those inevitable relationship problems determines how healthy their marriage will be. Marital therapy was among the first to adopt the social problem-solving model as a basis for treatment (e.g., Jacobson & Margolin, 1979).

The evolution of behavioral couple interventions has followed from its roots in social problem solving to include emphases on both acceptance and motivation to change. The goal of this chapter is to present the evolution of couple interventions in the service of expanding the social problem-solving model to include an emphasis on acceptance and motivation to change. (Author abstract)

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